Every year Universities across Canada compete in the Troitsky Bridge Building Competition, an event that has been annually recurring since 1975. Each University can send up to 6 bridges. The competition is hosted by Concordia University on the first weekend of March in downtown Montreal. Up to 35 Universities have been known to attend, and with a maximum 6 bridges each, that means over 80 bridges are often crushed and destroyed. The weekend is broken into multiple parts.



You have 2 hours to assemble your sections of bridges. You can clamp, glue, and floss whatever you need to. But once those 2 hours are up, you’re done. You can’t touch a single popsicle stick.



What you’ve all been waiting for. Each bridge is brought up to the point load machine and crushed. You test for method of deflection and the ultimate weight it can hold. Once your bridge is done you pick up whatever’s left and smash it on the ground.



Once it’s all said and done you attend a formal banquet. Awards are given out, food and wine are had, it’s a joyous occasion. Oh, and there’s a trophy.